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Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

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Baidyanath Makardhwaj Gutika

Baidyanath Makardhwaj Gutika

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    Baidyanath Makardhwaj Gutika (with Gold) is an ayurvedic formulation with key ingredients like jaiphal, laung, ambar, kali mirch, swarna bhasma, makardhwaj, and kapur. This product serves as a tonic, rejuvenator, aphrodisiac, and tri doshnasak. It comes in tablet form and offers multiple benefits, including increased strength, improved vigour, vitality, stamina, and metabolism. It may also aid in reducing chronic cough and contributes to maintaining reproductive health when consumed regularly, making it a comprehensive ayurvedic solution for enhancing overall well-being.

    Key Ingredients:
    • Jaiphal
    • Laung
    • Ambar
    • Kali Mirch
    • Swarna Bhasma
    • Makardhwaj
    • Kapur

    • For tonic
    • Rejuvinator
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Tri doshnasak

    Product Form:

    Key Benefits:
    • Vigour and vitality enhancement: This ayurvedic formulation is designed to increase vigour and vitality in individuals, providing a natural way to boost energy and overall well-being
    • Chronic cough reduction: Regular consumption of these tablets may aid in reducing chronic cough, offering relief to those suffering from persistent respiratory discomfort
    • Reproductive health maintenance: Baidyanath Makardhwaj Gutika supports reproductive health, making it beneficial for individuals seeking to maintain their reproductive well-being
    • Strength increase: The key ingredients in this formulation, such as Swarna Bhasma and Makardhwaj, contribute to an increase in strength and stamina, promoting physical vitality and endurance
    • Stamina and metabolism improvement: In addition to increasing strength, the tablets also help improve stamina and metabolism, providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing overall physical performance and vitality

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