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Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

Free Shipping On Orders Above ₹500/- In India.

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Kabzhar- 100gm

Kabzhar- 100gm

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    • Senai Patta, considered a natural laxative, is used in this herbal mdicine for constipation.
    • Sendha Namak and Kala Namak, present in Kabzhar, highly valued in Ayurveda, aid digestion.
    • Saunf helps soothe irritation and inflamation in the intestines which further relax the nerves and help relieve constipation.
    • Mulethi, a commonly found ayurvedic herb in Indian kitchen is considered a good remedy for constipation, acidity and stomach discomfort.


    Made from the choicest herbs and ayurvedic ingredients Baidyanath Kabzhar is the ultimate herbal laxative that is really helpful in constipation. Kabzhar helps improve digestive system function and maintains overall wellness


    • Sanai Patta
    • Sendha Namak
    • Saunth
    • Saunf
    • Choti Haritaki
    • Nishoth Kala
    • Kala Namak
    • Mulethi
    • Kala Dana
    • Ajwain

    Directions to use

    • 1/2 to 1 tsp with lukewarm water.
    • Take it at bedtime for best results.
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