Premium Bengali Brown Ghee (Cow Ghee)

Premium Bengali Brown Ghee (Cow Ghee)


Baidyanath Premium Cow Ghee is 100% Pure Brown Ghee which is clarified butter taken a step further. It consists of brown greasy solids which is healthy & nutritious for the entire family. Primarily it is a Bengali family tradition to have Ghee rice in every holy ritual. Keeping that in mind Baidyanath presents pure Brown Ghee which is prepared from pure cow milk with typical rich aroma and granular texture.


Clarified butter,


• Consuming a required amount of Baidyanath Cow Ghee on a daily basis can keep you fit and strong.
Baidyanath Cow Ghee can improve your skin nourishment and help you glow from within.
• It is a source of energy and provides vitality to human body.
• It is also healthy and nutritious which improves your body fitness.

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