Karela Jamun Juice

Karela Jamun Juice


Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice is an effective natural remedy for high blood sugar. Karela acts as natural insulin to improve blood glucose levels. Jamun on the other hand also controls blood sugar by stimulating the pancreas. It also acts as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhea. Moreover, it improves the production of red blood cells. Together, they not only control blood sugar but also aid in digestion. Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice purifies blood and acts as an antioxidant. It works as an appetizer. Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice helps to remove intestinal tract worms. It purifies blood and fights infections. It is very effective in skin diseases. It helps to reduce acne and pimples on face.Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice helps in oedema. It is an expectorant and a good remedy for cough & cold and gives relief to asthmatic patients. It is helpful in menstrual disorders.


Karela, Jamun Ghutli


Take 30 ml of organic Baaidyanath’s Karela Jamun Juice twice a day before meals. Consume daily.


  • * Helps in high blood sugar
  • * Helps stimulate pancreas to produce insulin
  • * Stimulates liver to secrete digestive enzymes
  • * Works as an appetizer
  • * Helps remove intestinal tract worms
  • * Purifies blood and fights infections
  • * Very effective in skin diseases
  • * Helps to reduce acne and pimples on face
  • * Helps in oedema
  • * It is an expectorant and a good remedy for cough & cold and gives relief to asthmatic patients
  • * Helpful in menstrual disorders
  • * Has high anti-bacterial properties
  • * Can be used for external application for skin problems

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