Isabgol 100 gm


Baidyanath Isabgol is a time-tested medicine that is made from a medicinal plant called isabgol that is found in India. It helps in bowel movement as it provides bulk laxative. It is hygroscopic in nature, which makes it feasible to develop and form into mucilaginous.


Plantago ovate


• Mix the medicine with milk or water(5-10gm) for better absorption • Consumed with warm water at night • Consult your doctor prior to use of the product


• Cures piles and fissures • promotes digestion • Maintains a healthy heart- reduces cardiovascular diseases • Cleanses colon • Treats acidity • Reduces excess urea in body • Natural remedy for diarrhea • Helps in weight loss • Consumption for 6 months reduces blood pressure and coronary heart disease • Good results in iterative bowl syndrome • Best for diabetic patients • Consumption at night controls the sugar levels • Mainly used in constipation • Completely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding • Gluten-free and a good source of fiber


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