Baidyanath lsabgol (psyllium husk) is a natural vegetable product derived from the upper coating of the Plantago Ovata (lsabgol) seed through milling, sieving and winnowing.Isabgol is a common remedy for clearing out the toxins from the stomach and has many more benefits for your health. Baidyanath uses specially selected lsabgol seeds to ensure best quality psyllium husk. 5 to 10 g of lsabgol can be freely taken with a glass of water, milk, fruit juice, curd or lassi.


Plantago ovate


• Mix the medicine with milk or water(5-10gm) for better absorption • Consumed with warm water at night • Consult your doctor prior to use of the product


• Helps to cure piles and fissures
• promotes digestion . • Cleanses colon.
• Treats acidity.
• Reduces excess urea in body.
• Natural remedy for diarrhea.
• Helps in weight loss.
• Consumption for 6 months reduces blood pressure and coronary heart disease.
• Good results in iterative bowl syndrome.
• Best for diabetic patients.
• Consumption at night controls the sugar levels.
• Mainly used in constipation.
• Completely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
• Gluten-free and a good source of fiber

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