Honey (Madhu)

Honey (Madhu) 100 gms


Baidyanath Madhu is 100% pure organic honey extracted straight from the honeycombs in Himalayas and Sunderbans forests. Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes, this honey aids in weight loss, improves skin complexion and builds immunity against infections and allergies. Consuming honey on a daily basis keeps you protected you from coughs, colds and other viral outbreaks.


100% Pure organic honey


• Use one to two teaspoons as it is or mixed with water • Use as a sweetener in your favorite drink.


· Builds Immunity · Prevents and treats a cough and colds · Enhances skin health · Keeps viral infections at bay · Helps control weight · Improves oral health · Anti-microbial · Treats skin infections · Improves digestive health · Eliminates toxins

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100 gms


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