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Baidyanath Balm is used in rheumatic pain, neuralgia or muscle pain. It is actually a pain relief balm which can be used in severel purpose like headache, neuralgia, muscular pain, cough and cold. It is for for external use only.


It is a mixture of traditional ayurvedic components. They are, Pudina Satva, Oil Of Gutheria, Paraffin, Tarpeen Oil, Dalchini Oil etc.


Apply 10 ml to the pain inflicted area or as directed by the physician.


  1. Baidyanath Balm is a pain relief solution.
  2. It affects the pain covered area immiediately and points the stress.
  3. It is an effective remedy for headache and muscular pain.
  4. It can also be helpful in diseases like cough, neuralgia and similar disease.


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