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Baidyanath Balamrit is the benificial tonic which you can choose for your kid. It is nutritive as well as antiricketic in nature. It treates cough and cold often caught through transmitted germs or due to season change. It also provides ebergy to your kid’s growing body.


Mulethi, Atees, Kakrasringi, Nagarmotha, Anantmool, Vaividang, Haritaki, Ajovain, Vach, Churnodak, Sugar, sulphur, Tuvarak tel, Kapur.


1 to 3 ml twice daily.


  1. Baidyanath Balamrit is a nutrirtive tonic for Kids.
  2. It helps in preventing disease transmitted through germs such as, cold cough and similar diseses.
  3. It is an anti ricketic tonic for kids.
  4. It can also be an energy provider for your growing kid.

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110 ml, 220 ml