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Arogyavardhini Bati

Arogyavardhini Bati 40 tabs


Baidyanath Arogyavardhini Bati is an alternative aperients tonic which has traditional herbs like chitrakmool, guggulu, tamra bhasma etc. It has an impeccable influence in diseases like jaundice, hepatitis congestion of liver, anaemia, enlargement of spleen and etc.

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Mercurry, Sulphur, Lauh Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Triphala, Shilajeet, Guggulu, Chitrakmool and Kuki are the respective ingreadients of Baidyanath Arogyavardhini Bati


1 to 3 pills or tablets as directed by the physician.


  1. Baidyanath Arogyavardhini Bati is an alternative aperients tonic.
  2. It is a useful remedy for diseases like Jaundice and hepatitis.
  3. It helps in healing congestion of liver.
  4. Baidyanath Arogyavardhini Bati has proved to be a helpful product for Anaemia.
  5. It also helps sanating dyspepsia and dropsy.


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40 tabs

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