Arbindasava 225 ml


Baidyanath Arbindasava is a pure ayurvedic health tonic for children. It is a stimulant health tonic which improves health and digestive system of kids resulting in proper appetite. It protects your child from seasonal disease like cough, cold, constipation as well as rickets and other disorders.


Baidyanath Arbindasava consists of Kamalphool, Ushir, Gambhari, Nilopahar, Manjistha, Ela, Khareti, Jatamashi, Motha, Sariva, Triphala, Buch, Kachur, Nishoth, Arjun, Mulethi, Munakka, Jaggary and so on.


Provide 15 to 30 ml to your kid twice daily with equal amount of water or as directed by the physician.


  1. Baidyanath Arbindasava is stimulated carminative in nature which prevents any kind of stomachich.
  2. It helps treating rickets and similar disease.
  3. It is helps in stimulating growth hormone in your child body resulting in healthy growth.
  4. Baidyanath Arbindasava also protects from seasonal cough cold and other disease.


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225 ml

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