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Amla Juice

Amla Juice 1 litre


Baidyanath Amla Juice is made from the 100% pure extract of Indian gooseberry or Amla. It possesses high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in promoting hair quality. It has several health benefits such as it treats cold and cough; it is beneficial for cholesterol levels. It can also be used as an anti aging formula. Baidyanath Amla Juice has other benefits like helping in weight loss, rejuvenating eyes and many more.

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Baidyanath Amla Juice contains the purest form of Amla extracts which is turned into amla juice later.


Mix 50 ml of Amla Juice in a glass of water add a little honey and salt to it, consume it daily.


  1. Baidyanath Amla Juice is the beneficial for effective cold and cough. It helps in boosting the immunity system.
  2. It is highly efficient for the blood pressure patient.
  3. It is useful as an anti aging formula.
  4. It works as an anti-oxidant.
  5. It also helps in rejuvenating the eyes.
  • * Boosts immunity, effective for cough & cold
  • * Highly beneficial for blood pressure patients
  • * Effective for weight loss
  • * Anti-aging tonic
  • * Anti oxidant
  • * Useful in eye problems
  • * Can be applied on the scalp to control dandruff and hair fall
  • * Helps to control premature greying of hair
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