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Agnimukh Churna

Agnimukh Churna 60 gm


Baidyanath Agnimukh Churna is a compound mixture of Sonth, Jirak, Marich, Menthol etc. which is extremely helpful in disease like dyspepsia or stomachic. Its name defines its work to some extent because it helps to prevent any kind of acidic or burning sensation inside the stomach. Baidyanath Agnimukh churna is an effective remedy for loss of appetite.


It consists of Sonth, Jirak, Marich, Menthol, Bid Lavan or Black Salt, Saindhava, Lemon Juice and many other ayurvedic ingredients.


3 to 16 gms with water or as directed by the physician


  1. Baidyanath Agnimukh Churna is expectorant and diuretic in nature
  2. It is an indicated remedy for dyspepsia.
  3. It also helps in gaining appetite after crital bowel illness.


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60 gm

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