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    Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

    Baidyanath Gulab Jal (Rose water) is high quality premium rose water. It is a natural toner for all skin types. It refreshes skin and eyes. It can be mixed with face pack and applied on skin. Baidyanath Gulab Jal helps in hydrating, revitalizing and moisturizing the skin giving it a refreshed look. The anti-oxidant properties of rose help to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues. It helps in acne, pimples, wrinkles and blemishes. It also helps in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.
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    Oli Oil

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    Oli Oil is a mix of natural oils like olive oil, almond oil and sandalwood oil. This is the perfect massage oil anybody needs. Not only does it relax and relieve stress, it also promotes a healthy glow of skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting blood flow. To get smooth, soft and glowing skin this winter, do not look further than Baidyanath Oli Oil.