In Baidyanath, CSR is a concept wherein we think of many different ecological, social and economic issues.

  1. Our Social Responsibilities
    1. We Running Ayurvedic Hospitals.
    2. We Publishing a monthly magazine – “Sachitra Ayurved”
    3. We 5 free clinics serving over 300 patients each day.
    4. We Institution of awards for significant research on AYURVEDA.
    5. We Running two leading schools in two States of India.
    6. We Gave donation to Humanity Trust – Development of Humanity Hospital for Poor Patients.
    7. We Gave donation to Mano Vikas Kendra – Rehabilitation & Research Institute for Handicapped.
    8. We Gave employment to deaf & dumb people.
    9. We Joined Hands with Rotary Club to help orphans.
  2. National sovereignty and local communities
    1. We ensure respect for the national sovereignty and local communities.
  3. Labour
    1. We Respect and ensure the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
    2. We Do not engage or support the use of forced labour.
    3. We Contribute to the abolition of child labour.
    4. We Do not discriminate with respect to employment and occupation.
    5. We Ensure security of employment.
    6. We Ensure a living wage.
    7. We Ensure occupational health and safety.
    8. We Respect maximum number of working hours.
    9. We Provide training.
    10. We Guarantee handling of complaints.
    11. We Employ and train local staff as much as possible.
  4. Consumer protection
    1. We Ensure access to essential goods and services.
    2. We Ensure the right to safety, with respect to: physical safety & safety and quality of consumer goods and services
    3. We Ensure the right to information.
    4. We Ensure the right to choice in the market place.
    5. We Ensure the right to be heard.
    6. We Ensure the right to obtain redress.
    7. We Respect the right to consumer education.
    8. We Promote sustainable consumption.
  5. Economic Aspects
    1. We Contribute to equal access to health facilities.
    2. We Contribute to access to basic food, housing, sanitation and sufficient safe drinking water.
    3. We Promote respect for other socio-economic rights, like the right to work, social security, maternity leave, to take part in cultural life.
  6. Fair competition
    1. We conduct activities in a competitive manner.